Best Way To Display Collectible Wines

There are lots of different things that you can collect, and wine is one of them. If you are a wine enthusiast, then this might be your chosen style of investment, and it is easy to see why you might choose this.

There is lots of money to be made in investing in wine and building your collection can also be incredibly enjoyable. 

Best Way To Display Collectible Wines

However, if you have steadily started to build up quite a collection of collectible wines, you might be unsure about how to store these.

It can be difficult to know how to store this, so you might simply find yourself hiding all your collectible wines away in a cupboard. But, there are lots of great ways to put these wines on display. 

In this guide, we’re taking a look at 5 of the best ways to display your collectible wines. So, if you want to find out more, keep on reading! 

On A Shelf

One of the easiest ways to store your collectible wines is on a shelf. If you have an area in your home dedicated to hosting people, or you have a home bar then a shelf is a great way to store your wine. 

We would recommend this method if your wine collection is still fairly small. A shelf that is attached to the wall will only be able to hold a certain amount of weight.

So, a smaller wine collection is the safest style to store in this method. Especially if you want to store them all on a single shelf. 

Adding your collectible wines to a shelf will put them high up in the air and out of the way. So as long as you follow the weight recommendations carefully, you will be able to safely store your wine in this fashion.

It is on display and also out of reach which is great for anyone with an expensive wine collection. 

In A Cabinet

A very traditional method for storing your collectible wines is in a cabinet. But if you want to put your collectible wines on display, you should follow this method by using a glass cabinet.

A glass cabinet will put your wine bottles on display, while also leaving them out of reach, ensuring they are safe at all times. 

Glass cabinets are great for storing wine collections as they look incredibly fancy.

If you have a large wine collection, then you have likely spent a lot of money creating your collection, so you want to store it in a way that reflects the money you have spent on the collection.

There are tons of different styles of cabinets for you to choose from. We would always recommend a glass cabinet, but you can get them in lots of different shapes.

Opt for a tall and thin cabinet or a short and wide cabinet depending on the space that you have. They will all display your collectible wines in a very stylish way.

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On A Wine Rack

Another very traditional method that you could use for storing your collectible wines is on a wine rack. Wine racks are brilliant for displaying wine, and they come in lots of different shapes and styles too.

So, you will easily be able to find a wine rack that suits your needs. 

You can get wine racks that stand alone, and you can get wine racks that are attached to the wall. You will be able to get wine racks that are a fashion statement, and also very simple wine racks.

There will be a style out there for everyone. 

If you really want to highlight the fact that your wines are collectibles, opt for a rack that clearly displays the label of the body. It will definitely be a talking point at your next dinner party

In A Wine Storage Room

One style of displaying your wine that is becoming increasingly popular is using a wine storage room.

Lots of people are opting to have these built into their homes, and one area in particular that is often converted into a wine storage room is the space under the stairs (see also “Best Wine Refrigerators For Small Spaces“). 

In a lot of homes, the space under the stairs becomes a bit of a dumping ground for everything that you want to keep out of sight.

So, if you want to minimize clutter in your home, and also create an area for displaying your wine, consider a wine storage room instead.

To finish off the room, and also keep your wine out of touch, add a glass walk and door to the room under your stairs.

Your wine collection will be safe and on display in a beautiful little room that all your guests will be able to admire from a distance. 

On A Ladder

Finally, if you are looking for an exciting and modern way to store your wine, then you might choose to store your wine on a ladder.

Ladders can be attached to the wall securely, and then you can display your different bottles on each rung of your ladder. 

Most of the time, a wooden ladder would be best for this job. But you can paint the wooden ladder whichever color suits your home best.

This style of storage is best for those with smaller wine collections as there are only a certain number of rungs on each ladder. 

This style of displaying wine won’t work for everyone, and it will definitely depend on your own personal preference. But if you want a modern way to display your collectible wines, you should definitely consider this!


In short, there are lots of brilliant ways to display your collectible wines. You could put your collectible wines up on a shelf, store them in a wine rack, or even create a wine storage room to keep them safe and displayed. 

When it comes to displaying your collectible wines, the options are endless. So, you can easily create a display that suits your exact wants and needs. 

Thanks for reading!

Jon Barbieri
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